• Hospital and NHS medical negligence

    Have you or a loved one suffered an avoidable loss, physical or psychological injury or a hospital acquired infection as a result of hospital negligence from a doctor or other NHS medical professional? The Thorneycroft Solicitors team of hospital negligence claim solicitors is one of the largest in the UK.

Medical Negligence

Hospitals should be a safe place to go when you become ill or sustain an injury. However, sometimes patients don’t receive the quality of care they deserve, which can often lead to further health problems.

Clinical Negligence

Negligence is the breach of a legal duty of care owed to one person by another which results in damage being caused to that person. Clinical negligence is concerned with claims against doctors and other healthcare professionals and their employers.

Misdiagnosis Negligence

Many people suffer from a misdiagnosis of disease when they visit their doctor. This can be for a number of reasons, but one of the most common reason is the vagueness of symptoms. Many diseases have symptoms that could be present for a number of other illnesses.

Hospital Negligence

The majority of medical professionals provide an outstanding level of treatment and care for those suffering from a variety of medical conditions in hospital; it is sometimes the case that the treatment falls below the expected standard of competent care.


When settling medical negligence claims, our medical negligence solicitors have experience in recovering compensation and financial losses, as well as arranging any necessary services to improve the client’s future quality of life. These can include:
  • - Compensation for the Injury or Loss
  • - Loss of Earnings
  • - Interim Compensation Payment
  • - Private Medical Treatment Costs
  • - Care & Case Management Costs
  • - Rehabilitation Costs
  • - Housing Adaptation & Relocation
  • - Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
  • - Compensating Dependants (Spouse/Children)
  • - Benefits & Financial Advice
  • - Independent Medical Experts
  • - Court Of Protection
  • - Coroners Inquest Advice
  • - Special Adapted Vehicles
  • - Recovering The Legal Costs
  • - Other Expenses

Claims Information

Medical Negligence Claims We Help With:
Birth Injury & Pregnancy
Brain Injury
Cancer Misdiagnosis & Delay
Care Home Negligence
Cauda Equina Compensation
Cerebral Palsy
Cosmetic Surgery Errors
Dental Negligence
Faulty Medical Products
GP Negligence
Hospital Negligence
Laser Eye Surgery
Misdiagnosis & Delay
Spinal Injury Negligence
Surgical Errors Negligence
Pressure Sores

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Dental Referral Complaints

Types of Dental Referral Complaints & Delays in Treatment Failures or delays in referring patients who require further investigations and tests to diagnose and treat their symptoms, can result in further health problems. Such errors include: A delay in referral for dental scans Administration errors resulting in prolonged waiting time A failure to refer a […]

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation

Cosmetic Surgery can be carried out in order to improve aesthetic appearance or from where it has been necessitated due to a previous surgical error. There are many surgical procedures which are available to help correct imperfections to improve quality of life and self-confidence for the patient. Despite the best intentions of cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic professionals, complications can arise which lead to further cosmetic surgery.

Whether this is due to a failed cosmetic surgical procedure, poor surgical technique, retained surgical equipment or mismanagement and negligence during a cosmetic surgical procedure, our cosmetic negligence specialists can assist with various types of cosmetic negligence claims.

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